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Hill-Side conservation agriculture Project - Mitigation of climate change in agriculture

11 October 2012, AfriCAN Climate

The project is implemented by FAO, ICRAF and CARE International. It advocates conservation agriculture with trees as part of climate smart agriculture for mitigation of climate change impacts in agriculture. The project includes CA techniques, agroforestry and SWC. It is implemented in three wards of Kolero, Bungu and Kasanga in Morogoro rural district. The project is in hillsides, hence soil erosion is a major problem magnified by slash and burn practices. Use of fire in opening new farms from forest patches or fallows and also burning of farm residuals accelerates land degradation

In Tanzania’s Uluguru mountains current farming practices, including slash-and-burn agriculture and annual burning of field sites and adjacent forest, areas are causing severe soil degradation. The MICCA pilot project is being carried out within a hillside conservation agriculture project, in which soil conservation and zero tillage practices are integrated into smallholders’ farm management. The pilot project also introduces agroforestry into the conservation agriculture practices. By measuring the increase in carbon accumulation resulting from these climate-smart practices, the pilot project will provide quantifiable evidence of the contribution smallholder farmers can make to mitigate climate change. This pilot project is being carried out in partnership with CARE International, which is managing the Hillside Conservation Agriculture Project, and ICRAF

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